Dynamic Yield Maximizer

Stake and Forget while earning the highest APY.

ButterFinance Vaults

Multichain ready

Our awesome features

Earn more with ButterVaults

Stake your favourite DEX tokens and receive maximum APY. Looks like a normal vault, but it's better butter.

Stake and Forget

Stake once and our vaults take care of the rest, automagically.

Auto Compounding

Rewards are compounded for you regularly, so you can save fees and enjoy your free time.

Safety First

Our vaults are as safe as it can get. Built with the latest tech your funds are safu!

Maximized Returns

Through dynamic targeting we achieve the highest APY possible at all times. Stake with us and simply earn more.

Utilizing the best protocols DeFi has to offer

Decentralized exchanges and automated market makers are the essence of decentralized finance. We invest long-term into the most established economies with funds and development.

One token for a butter smooth experience

The least complicated method to create wealth.

Profit Share

Stake $BUTTER and receive 75% of all generated revenue.

Our awesome features

Submit proposals and vote to direct the future of ButterFinance. It's in your hands.

Our awesome features
Diversified Treasury

We invest only in established DEX/AMM tokens with yield farming opportunities. The backbone of DeFi. They are build to stay. So are we.

Our awesome features
Sustainable Tokenomics

Our treasury will always grow. This increases the token floor price continuously and long-term.

Our awesome features

The Team

Shadow Scout

Web3 Fullstack Wizard. There is no piece of code he can't write. And he is great with numbers finances because of his accountancy background. What a match!

Lars Langenstueck

Entrepreneur with an extensive drive to build. Hates working in exchange for his hours, loves investing and passive income.

Mariana V Madariaga

Front-End Dev and soul of ButterFinance. Incredible attention to detail and "reality checks" team based on user feedback.